Monday, November 18, 2013

The Winning Attitude - at peace with death

Succeeding at pretty much anything means at some point you have to be ok with failing.  A friend of mine who has studied and taught mixed martial arts for many years was meeting with his Sensei.  They were discussing a major break through for his teacher during his competitive years in Jujitsu.  He wasn't the biggest guy to enter the ring but he became known for being one of the most innovative.

The secret, he told my friend, to his success came in the middle of a fight with a brutal defending champion.  By the end of a round in the middle of the fight my friend's teacher thought he would not be able to continue.  He was physically spent.  His father was in his corner and encouraged him to persevere.  He told him that his opponent was growing weak but was disguising it well.  At a crucial point in the next round the Sensei was getting choked out.  In his struggle he believed that if he continued he might die.  Something became instantly clear. He was ok with death.

He wanted the championship even if the worst of all possible outcomes were to occur.  At the moment he faced death and accepted it, all fear left.  His courage and faith felt limitless.  He finished and won the fight.   From that defining moment on, each time he entered the ring he accepted death, found peace, and fulfilled his destiny.  He left the sport an undefeated world champion!

Amazing commitment!   His name is Rickson Gracie

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