Tuesday, December 23, 2014

5 Things I hate about Microsoft's OneDrive - formerly SkyDrive.

Copy what's out there.

Simple functions that make DropBox and GoogleDrive easy are not available in OneDrive.  My pet peeves are around basic file management functions.  

1.) Sharing a folder - The person you share the folder with can't upload files to the folder.  What good is this?  We grant read only or edit privileges, but our collaborators can't collaborate by adding files to the folder.  DropBox does it and Google Drive does it.  This really limits my ability to collaborate.  

2.) Copy a folder - You can move folders and delete folders, but you can't copy a folder?!  You can copy an item in a folder.  What a pain in the butt!  I need to copy a folder that contains several sub-folders that collectively make up a template for new projects.  My work around was to download the whole folder group, rename it and attempt to upload it again.   Fail!  One Drive bombs on trying to upload folders within folders.  Help!  DropBox is the best at this.  You can do it online and offline.  GoogleDrive you have to copy offline and let the replicate to the online folder.

3.) SharePiont - Microsoft is trying to force feed us SharePoint for some of these basic things.  I thought maybe a business version of DropBox was the answer until I set up a free account and saw a SharePoint looking UI.  No thank you!  I had a bright student intern sum up SharePoint when she said "using SharePoint makes me feel stupid!"  You are not alone.  A classic case of a company investing so much for so long that you just can help yourself from not doing it any more.    Ditch Sharepoint as an end user solution and get OneDrive to work like DropBox or Google Drive.  It is too easy to get lost in there.  Who wants to check in and check out documents.  Collaborate like GoogleDocs does.

OneDrive doesn't play well with a Mac.  

4.) OneDrive is not compatible with older versions of the Mac OS like version 10.6.8 

5.) Synching - After a successful install the synch process crashes if the file path name in one of the folders is too long.  This doesn't happen in DropBox or Google Drive.  Starting the synch process requires logging in and clicking through several steps.  One of the steps is selecting the folders that you want to synch.  Because the long file name was crashing the synch my logic was to avoid the folders with files that have long file path names. So I deselected those folders in the synch set up.  I still get the error messages and it still won't synch!   Solution... skip the problem files rather than killing the whole process.  Create a list of problem files to be resolved later.   I still haven't successfully synced!  I have too many files to clean up before I can get there. 

I know what you are thinking, I should just use DropBox or Google Drive right?  I would, but I am trying to provide a solution for a company that is primarily a Microsoft shop and everyone uses the Office Products.  So working in an environment like OneDrive that allows for editing of Excel and Word documents online promises simple access from OneDrive.  But as we early adopters have come to expect of Microsoft, suffering through their early releases is the norm.  But this isn't an early release.

Since there is no easy way to communicate design issues to the engineers we are left with complaining in the Social Sphere.  If there is enough traction to get their attention hopefully  these features will be pushed to the front of the development queue.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Winning Attitude - at peace with death

Succeeding at pretty much anything means at some point you have to be ok with failing.  A friend of mine who has studied and taught mixed martial arts for many years was meeting with his Sensei.  They were discussing a major break through for his teacher during his competitive years in Jujitsu.  He wasn't the biggest guy to enter the ring but he became known for being one of the most innovative.

The secret, he told my friend, to his success came in the middle of a fight with a brutal defending champion.  By the end of a round in the middle of the fight my friend's teacher thought he would not be able to continue.  He was physically spent.  His father was in his corner and encouraged him to persevere.  He told him that his opponent was growing weak but was disguising it well.  At a crucial point in the next round the Sensei was getting choked out.  In his struggle he believed that if he continued he might die.  Something became instantly clear. He was ok with death.

He wanted the championship even if the worst of all possible outcomes were to occur.  At the moment he faced death and accepted it, all fear left.  His courage and faith felt limitless.  He finished and won the fight.   From that defining moment on, each time he entered the ring he accepted death, found peace, and fulfilled his destiny.  He left the sport an undefeated world champion!

Amazing commitment!   His name is Rickson Gracie

"BIG FIVE" personality traits - Entrepreneurs and Innovators

How do you measure up?

Entrepreneurs and innovators should be heavily weighted in the last three traits.

Sensitive / Nervous    VS.    Secure / Confident

Energetic / gregarious     VS.     Solitary / Reserved

Inventive / curious        VS.     Consistent / cautious

Orderly /  Industrious     VS.     Easygoing / Careless

Cooperative / Empathetic    VS     Self-interested / antagonistic

Are you smarter when its harder? Take this one question IQ test.

The answer is yes you are and here is I guy who can explain why with exhaustive detail.  Because I know you will be smarter for enduring the exhaustive process check in it out.
Adam Alter, assistant professor at NYU  

Here is one of the simple intelligence questions.

QUESTION:  If the total cost of a bat and a ball is $1.10 and the bat is $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?

or asked this way....

Harder version of the QUESTION: If the total cost of a bat and a ball is $1.10 and the bat is $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?

Obviously it is the same text, but because the question is more difficult to read, we take more time to think about it and our accuracy increases.

Want to see how you did?  Click here for the answer...

In Malcolm Gladwell's new book David and Goliath he explores some very interesting and counter intuitive phenomenons including things like this that relate to a variety ways that the underdog wins and wins big.

IQ test Answer - to the question what does the Ball cost?

Did you guess that the ball would cost $.10?  Most people do.  The question (if you missed the question see it here) looks deceptively simple.  

But if the ball did cost $.10 then the bat would cost $1.10 and the total would be $1.20.  Most of us learned basic algebra in grade school.  But to do the following in your head is more time consuming:

Total Cost = $1.10 
Ball           = X
Bat            = X+1.00

So we are solving for  $1.10 = X+(X+$1.00) 

subtract $1.00 from both sides:  

$.10 = 2X

dived both side by 2

$.05 = X

ANSWER: The ball costs $.05

For some reasons when we have to take time to read the more difficult to read version of the question we are more willing to take the time to do the algebra.

In Malcolm Gladwell's new book David and Goliath he explores some very interesting and counter intuitive phenomenons related to a variety ways that the underdog wins and wins big.

Saturday, November 16, 2013