Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year! 2009 is going to be an amazing and exciting year.

For the past two months we have been developing an early stage prototype of the first phase of the MyWerx platform. I will be testing the site tonight and plan to launch within two weeks to a control group for feedback and to observe how they will use the application.

I have also started this blog to manage some of this communication.

The blog contains MyWerx vision and mission statements as its initial post and all newsworthy updates and articles will be posted here.

I believe more than ever that the time is right for significant change in our industry, and that the vehicle for change is empowering you and the global community of creators to which you belong. The blog will be the source of ideas for change, the technology will enable change, but you are ultimately the driving force.

Millions of people made PayPal the standard for commerce transactions on E Bay. Once the people spoke, there was no turning back. Not even E Bay with its fire power could turn the tide when they tried to develop a competing solution.

MyWerx vision is to create tools that empower you. You can expect there to be backlash from an industry already turned upside down with change because the internet has undermined its control and the industry is in a state of chaos.

Now you have an opportunity to reshape the future of an industry and establish standards that are structured for the benefit of Creators and their business customers.

Please click the "Follow this Blog" button, and stay tuned to participate in our roll-out of the MyWerx prototype.

Thank you once again.


Tim R. Smith, Founder

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