Monday, April 25, 2011

Planning the New Digital Rights Supply Chain

Is it realistic to think that like city planning, a group of people can come together and discuss the future of something like the emerging digital rights supply chain?  Like city planning a well thought out long term perspective has many advantages.  Some of the things that come to mind are competitive advantages, better use of capital and the benefits of speed to market.  All can occur when a group agrees on their roles and collaborate using scarce investment dollars to avoid reinventing the wheel many times over.

I agree that something as vastly independent, political and competitive as the potentially thousands of businesses and people who are already investing in this emerging supply chain makes this a challenge.  But what the heck, I still think we are early and if a few crazy people are willing, we should try.  If nothing else we will start a discussion about the major categories for investment and what does or doesn’t make sense.

I sure don’t want to leave the planning to academics, politicians, and businesses trying to sustain their position in the status quo.  My vote is to let some visionary entrepreneurs have a whack at it.  And I vote that Nashville is the best place to make that happen.  Why, because Nashvillians are civil capitalist.  We have proven we are able to work together and create a diverse music community maintaining the highest professional standards.  I say let’s work on this together!!  Lets take advantage our unique geographic and cultural strengths and do it again.

 When I have a chance to talk to an entrepreneur interested in this space, I consistently ask for one thing, please let us not all redevelop the same things.  There are so many things that need to be created.  There are many of us whose businesses sound unique, but I stopped being surprised by the reinventing of the wheel that takes place and the wasting of scare capital resources that occurs.  We have to stop this.

This post isn’t the place to get into the details of the “reinventing” that goes on.  The purpose of this note is to suggest we start and find the platform for the discussions both on the web and in face-to-face meetings.  I am all for openness and collaboration and kumbaya, but it is also good business to create geographic / community oriented competitive advantages through collaboration.  Sometimes the secret sauce needs to stay secret until the time is right.

Can we talk?

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