Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CPU + HBP (human brain power) The power of Community

You should read this, as this is about software enabling CPU’s to tap into the power of human intelligence, now that we have online access to billions of people and their brains. It is CPU + HBP (human brain power) that is now cost effectively achieved because of the connected billions of people.

Amazon has created a web service that essentially helps us distribute tasks to this global temporary work force to leverage human intelligence instead of trying to write software that emulates human intelligence. This is revolutionary!!

There are applications here for us. Imagine figuring out a way to let human ears and brains recognize music or images, for free or very low cost, say for monitoring purposes to track the items that were not machine recognized. Like ASCAP, BMI SESAC monitoring. Or even entering in back catalog of millions of works. Or de-duping records in databases.

Did you know that every time you log into a system on the Web and have to, for security purposes, type in those funny looking letters to make sure you aren’t a computer generating an attack on the system, that you are doing work for free. Those weird letters are OCR’d entries that some software couldn’t recognize. Once four or five people type in the same letters, the software accepts the letters entered by several human data entry clerks. So human intelligence decided what they were, and those humans did the work for free. There are billions of human transactions of this very type happening daily, so this application turned these few seconds and key strokes into very productive power.

We can tap into it too.


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